About Lyreco

Lyreco is more than just a workplace solutions company. We partner with our customers to drive performance, from savings to sustainability.

Lyreco Goodness

Lyreco Goodness describes our approach to everything – from products and suppliers to people and the planet. It means always doing the right thing...

Our Stakeholders & Suppliers

Our Stakeholders and Suppliers

Sustainability and the supply chain

Social and environmental responsibility are two of the main concerns shared by our customers. Our suppliers have a key role to play in helping our customers achieve their sustainability goals. This is why supply chain is a key part of the Lyreco CSR strategy 2019-2025.

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Suppliers Code of Ethics

We expect our suppliers to respect the same ethical requirements and conduct their activities in accordance with our Suppliers Code of Ethics. Compliance with our Code gives Lyreco customers the reassurance that the products and services they purchase will be supporting their own ethical standards and sustainability goals.

The Code addresses:

  • Human rights
  • Working conditions
  • Environment and sustainable development
  • Quality of products and services
  • Business integrity
  • Confidentiality and data protection.

Supplier sustainability performance evaluation

In 2019 we raised sustainability to become 25% of our supplier evaluation. The CSR evaluation covers five categories:

  • CSR organisation and governance of the supplier
  • Environmental management system
  • Health and safety management system
  • Social accountability, supply chains and business ethics.

In addition to the results of the evaluation, each supplier receives an individualised action plan, with possible progress tracks – in place since 2015.


Manufacturer audits

Lyreco has developed an extensive range of more than 1,500 own-brand products. Lyreco uses a multitude of manufacturers to supply these and it is essential to ensure that responsibility and sustainability standards are met by each and every one. 

The group QSS team conducts annual on-site audits of our manufacturing partners with a specific focus on risk countries.

5-Star Supplier Rating

To help our customers see which of our suppliers are aligned with our CSR values, we have implemented the Lyreco 5-Star Rating.

All of our suppliers can be a part of the scheme, using our online accreditation scheme. Following a questionnaire and the provision of supplementary evidence, suppliers will receive a one- to five-star rating, indicating their success in integrating CSR within their organisation.

The scheme also supports our suppliers by producing an individual action plan detailing how they will deliver on sustainability and social value commitments.


Supplier performance improvement programme

Continuous improvement is integral to Lyreco Goodness. This is why we developed two complementary mechanisms to drive continuous improvement for us and our suppliers.

  • Supplier Performance Improvement Programme (SPIP), whose assessment grid covers four performance criteria: competitiveness, category management, logistics and sustainability
  • Lyreco supplier survey aimed to identify room for improvement in Lyreco’s supplier management process.