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Nespresso Internal Referral Form

Nespresso Professional

Lyreco employee internal referral scheme

It’s simple, create new Nespresso leads pass onto the Nespresso team and if they become confirmed customers you receive a bonus in the form of Love2Shop vouchers! Sound good? Here’s how it works…

Why does this programme exist?

Our new and exciting Partnership with Nespresso® Professional offers an incredible opportunity to further enhance the total workplace solution to our customers.

Coffee breaks are key to enriching employee and client relationships, and Nespresso® Professional coffee solutions in the workplace can help transform a quick chat into a quality conversation.

During a meeting, the coffee break provides a welcome pause and an opportunity to discuss and share ideas. Offering a great cup of coffee shows that your customers care about the small details, and creating a positive impression of their workplace.

what’s in it for them?

As a member of our Lyreco customer base, our customers will be able to take advantage of numerous benefits that can be found through the purchase and installation of the Nespresso® Professional brand.

what’s in it for you?

Customer retention and loyalty

For every new Lyreco customer that chooses Nespresso® professional, you can guarantee that a Lyreco Vehicle and Driver will be servicing their offices for the duration of the contract.

For customers that care about supplier consolidation and sustainability – this is another reason to help you retain their office supplies and workplace business.

Additional Furniture and Breakroom Opportunities

When a customer invests in a new Nespresso Professional solution, there is a great opportunity to discuss additional furniture and office enhancements. Great sales opportunities for new furniture items within their breakroom environment.

So, how does it work?

For qualified leads that become confirmed wins we are very excited to be offering the follows to those of you who generated the original lead.

Zenius£/€ 10 voucher

For every Zenius machine sold (Serves 10+ people in the office)

Gemini£/€ 25 voucher

For every Gemini machine sold (Serves 20+ people in the office)

Momento£/€ 30 voucher

For every Momento machine sold (Serves 20+ people in the office)

Momento Duo£/€ 40 voucher

For every Momento Duo machine sold (Serves 20+ people in the office)

Aguila£/€ 80 voucher

For every Aguila machine sold (Serves 75+ people in the office)

Capped at £/€ 1000 
Per customer / master account

Qualified lead – Please help us to help you by providing as much information as you can including the below; simply complete the form below to register your lead which will be passed to the nearest account manager.

Nespresso Internal Referral Form