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working towards carbon neutrality

When it comes to your coffee’s carbon footprint, it’s what you don’t see that makes the difference.
To reach Nespresso’s goal of becoming carbon neutral, they look at the entire lifecycle of a single
cup of coffee to reduce its carbon footprint. For example:


1. How green coffee is cultivated and transported

Cultivating and transporting green coffee accounts for 45% of each cup’s carbon footprint*. That’s why using a precise amount of coffee in our capsules and promoting sustainable farming practices are key to improving our carbon footprint and helping us reach our goal of becoming carbon neutral.


2. How a cup of coffee is prepared

37% of your coffee’s carbon footprint comes from how it’s prepared – from brewing to cup washing*. The Nespresso Professional precision brewing system uses only what’s needed to prepare a cup of coffee – optimising coffee, energy, and water usage – making it a sustainable way to enjoy coffee.


3. How the coffee is packaged

At 8%*, packaging is only the fourth largest contributor to your coffee’s carbon footprint. Plus, when you recycle Nespresso Professional capsules, you further reduce the carbon footprint of your cup of coffee.

*Source: Quantis 2020 Swiss B2B LCA