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Lyreco is more than just a workplace solutions company. We partner with our customers to drive performance, from savings to sustainability.

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Lyreco Goodness describes our approach to everything – from products and suppliers to people and the planet. It means always doing the right thing...

Lyreco Safety Services

More Than Solutions.

Services Too.

Working with our most reliable suppliers and trusted brands within PPE and safety, we are proud to provide an extensive & supportive range of safety services. 

Our services enhance the experience of the physical solutions we offer. From Mask Face Testing and Prescription Eyewear to visual management solutions in the form of Spill Management Plans, Safety Signage, and audit tools. 

Our Services

Mask Face

It is vital that the product fits the individual wearer correctly. rnrnFit testing will help ensure that the mask selected is suitable for the wearer and will offer a secure fit.

Branded Head

Lyreco offer high-quality bespoke branded head protection for the workplace. Choose your helmet style, colour, and area for logo printing.


The technical performance of our safety spectacles goes beyond the normal standards and provides enhanced eye protection for your workforce.

Spill Hazards & Management

If your business handles hazardous liquids, it is essential that your organisation have an Emergency Spill Response Plan (ESRP) in place.

Safety Signage Self Audit Tool and Bespoke

Designed to help you take a walk around your premises and identify, manage, and reduce safety risks in the workplace.


With a wide range of services available, we can help reduce the effects of common podiatric ailments such as plantar fasciitis, foot and leg fatigue, achilles tendonitis and even back and knee pain.

Staysafe PPE

Staysafe can break down the cell walls of bacteria, pathogens, and viruses. The agitation during the process also opens fibres up to sufficiently remove dirt and grease stains.


Pro Earth is a supplier of natural and sustainable pollution control products, developed to protect the environment from damaging chemicals, liquids, and oil spills on land and in water.


PanicGo produce the technology needed to keep lone workers safe. The LINK by PanicGo has been developed with ease of use in mind, controlled by a hidden and discreet Bluetooth button to enhance safety and reduce costs.

Why Choose Lyreco

For Safety

Lyreco Safety+ embodies workplace protection. Our team of ‘BSIF Safe Supply’ PPE specialists help businesses across the UK & Ireland procure PPE more accurately and sustainably, whilst delivering supplier consolidation with contract pricing on core lines – helping you save money!

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& Awards

Our accreditations and awards echo our commitment to PPE and workplace safety. As we look to continuously improve our solutions and services, you can find updates here for Lyreco and our suppliers accreditations, along with awards for when we have been recognised for our efforts within workplace safety.

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