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Lyreco is more than just a workplace solutions company. We partner with our customers to drive performance, from savings to sustainability.

Lyreco Goodness

Lyreco Goodness describes our approach to everything – from products and suppliers to people and the planet. It means always doing the right thing...

Hygiene and Cleaning

Hygiene and cleaning solutions

Hygiene and cleaning supplies for all workplaces.

Range and expertise

Lyreco carries more than 1,400 cleaning and catering products, so you can access a range of leading suppliers in the industry. We’re also CHSA-accredited and carry products in line with BICS colour coding for ease, compliance and the peace of mind that brings. 

Our 20 in-house hygiene specialists are on hand to provide specialist support on environmental and innovative hygiene products. Our specialists are selected for their hygiene experience in complementary sectors from service providers to manufacturers. They are trained by our ‘A Suppliers’ and source further specialist knowledge support from our supplier network as required.

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Standards and sustainability

Lyreco’s products and services are all in line with the British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICS) methodology, using colours to guide and ensure correct usage and compliant workplaces.

You can shop for products easily, knowing that your chosen solutions suit your particular needs. For example, red items for your washrooms (and only washrooms) – from mops and cloths, to cleaning products.

We also have a full range of sustainable and eco-friendly alternatives to existing products to help you reach your sustainability goals. Read more about our Great for the Planet and Great for People labels.


We provide businesses with a broad range of high-quality cleaning and hygiene products covering the following areas.

Hand care and dispensers

A comprehensive range of hand soaps, sanitisers and dispensers that can aid portion control for optimal cost-in-use.

Microfibre and textiles

Great for the Planet recycled microfibre and colour-coded wipes and cloths.

Multi-purpose cleaning solutions

A wide range of BioHygiene products for different jobs, from surface cleaners to glass and toilet cleaner – from ready-to-use trigger sprays to concentrates.

Waste management products

100% recycled waste sacks for every type of bin to receptacles themselves – from wheelie bins to wastepaper baskets and recycling systems.

Air and Fabric Fresheners

A large choice of air fresheners, from trigger sprays to controlled air fresheners and dispensers.

Tissue Products

100% recycled toilet tissue, hand towels and rolls suitable for any workplace environment.


In addition to great products, Lyreco can provide a range of hygiene and cleaning services, including

Free on-loan dispensers

Ensure you choose the right product to fill your dispenser to drive better cost-in-use.

Building surveys and site audits

We work with manufacturers to make sure you have the most cost-effective washroom programme to deliver the best cost-in-use.

Product training

Lyreco and our suppliers can work with you to train your in-house trainers and cleaning staff to ensure the best results, cost control and compliance.

Recycling services

As well as offering a range of recycled and recyclable products, we facilitate recycling of those items to help you achieve your sustainability goals.

What’s on the box is in the box

Commitment to quality, from service delivery to product specification and consistency of supply, is essential to our offering and membership of the CHSA embodies that commitment. As a CHSA-accredited distributor of hygiene and cleaning equipment, you can be sure that “what’s on the box is in the box”.